The value of an MBA is in decline. So does it still make sense to invest in one?

The value of an MBA is in decline. So does it still make sense to invest in one?

According to a recent article in The Economist, “an MBA is no longer an entry to an exclusive club. Twenty years ago, an MBA candidate would be competing with just his classmates for a job. However, today, he also has to compete with those graduating from the school’s executive and part-time programs”. This would indicate that the overall value of an MBA is declining resulting in a loss and in turn, on the investment required for such an education. With that in mind, does it still make sense to invest in an MBA? Or would it rather be more judicious to find an alternative? Coursevine for example, offers professional training alternatives available at a discount.

Interestingly enough, the history of the MBA program is rooted in corporate training. In the 1950s, corporations demanded that schools give them better-trained employees. As a result, schools designed their MBA programs as two-year courses intended to give students a basic overview of how the corporate world worked. MBAs were not about advancing a career; they were more about moulding students into becoming great employees at a large, corporate firm.

Most in-house recruiters would agree that unless someone is preparing for a long career at a large corporation, an MBA is no longer worth pursuing. In fact, some start-up companies view MBAs as a liability and can therefore be detrimental to your career. Tech start-ups tend to find that MBA graduates are extremely risk-adverse and not “rebellious” enough. They find MBAs don’t have the basic core skills needed in a start-up’s early stages, skills such as fundraising, bootstrap-marketing expertise, working in small teams, and engineering or programming skills.

Some of the courses on Coursevine can get students the executive level, on-the-job training and qualifications they need at a fraction of the price of an MBA. Coursevine’s focus on classroom-based courses means that students get the dedication, attention and personal tuition they require along with a sense of the classroom spirit and community they expect from any learning organization. These factors are key to the successful completion of a course.

Coursevine allows employees to learn subjects such as Engineering and Programming, Project Management, Business start up skills, leadership skills, and marketing. With these courses, you are able to gain the same skills an MBA provides in half the time required.