The answer to landing a great job is no longer what you think it is

The answer to landing a great job is no longer what you think it is

The answer to landing a great job is no longer what you think it is

As kids, we mostly dreamt of being a fireman, or a princess in a castle, an astronaut, a policeman/woman, or a teacher. But when we got older, we realized we wanted a better life than what a fireman’s salary could give us. We felt travelling to space was a little out of our reach, the mere idea of fighting crime leaves us with a headache and our chances of meeting a prince were a little unreal and we’ll probably have to settle for Shrek and build our own castles. As we got older, we started to dream of becoming a doctor, lawyer, an accountant and even an award winning journalist.

Education, we learnt, was the key to fulfilling these newfound dreams of ours. Study well, go to university, get a degree, land a good job. In fact, the better and higher the qualification, the better your chances are of living a stable, happy life. STEM subjects were and still are considered prestigious qualifications. People who study in these fields are ranked higher than those who have attained degrees in other subjects such as Art or English. I know someone who studied neurobiology and went on to work in advertising account management for a well-known ad agency. Extremely frustrating for those who actually studied advertising and marketing and couldn’t even land an interview.

Then there’s the problem of going to university and for some unforeseen reason, not being able to continue with your studies. You may have, for example, under estimated the cost and commitment involved in studying full time and had to drop out. But all is not lost. And as many entrepreneurs such as Richard Branson, Mark Zucherburg and the late Steve Jobs have been proving for decades, a degree is not a vital component to landing a great job. At least not since 1960’s industrial Britain…

So how can one make a stable living and land a good job without the so-called prestigious university degree gracing their resume?

Professional courses have always been seen as either a necessity or a huge bonus to have on your resume. To name a few examples, Accountancy has the ACCA, Project Management has PRINCE II, and so on and so forth. And you don’t even need a university degree as a prerequisite to taking any of these courses. Taking these courses needn’t be a costly option either., a new initiative that allows course providers to list their extra course seats at a discounted price offers a solution for paying for classroom courses without the hefty price tag. Coursevine has also made it simple to book onto these courses so all you’ll have to do is pay and show up to class.

Coursevine’s range of courses are quite broad and can vary from iOS App development to lessons in business startup to project management and public speaking training.

And if you are unsure of what to do, you could search for potential good jobs and see what courses they require for employment then use Coursevine to take those courses and then apply for the job. Whatever you decide, Coursevine can pave way for a better future sans university degree.