Office Politics 2nd Edition

Office Politics 2nd Edition

How to Handle Office Politics

Have you ever wondered why a colleague of yours appears to be scheming behind your back? How about the sudden cold treatment from your boss? Are you wondering why your co-workers seem to hate the other department? Well, these are just office politics in the works, and regardless of whether you are at the training phase or are already a regular employee, you will encounter office issues at some point. It’s how you deal with this kind of pressure that will either make or break your career in your current workplace.

Training 101: How to Deal with Office Politics

There are different types of office politics that occur everywhere. One of these is encountering a colleague or colleagues who want to make you look bad in front of your superiors. They are the ones who will be stealing your ideas and presenting them as their own or look for ways to put you down. The best way to deal with this kind of politics is to put your name on your ideas especially when you’re in a meeting or at least, have someone record the minutes of your meeting.

Another example of office politics is when you’re invited to go out for a couple of drinks. There is a risk that you might come off as a snob or anti-social when you don’t join your colleagues. Here’s something to add to your education on office politics, if you’re not comfortable with the idea of going out after office or if drinking is not really your thing, just say so. This is much better than making up excuses every time you’ve been asked out.

Power struggle is always present in many offices and being in the middle of one can be tough. The safest course to take is to focus more on the assigned project. Differences in opinion is normal but if you’re dealing with power struggle especially within a project that you’re involved in, you should make it a point to stick with the project’s objective instead of choosing sides.

Doing favours from the higher ups will definitely make you look bad in the eyes of your colleagues even if you’re trying to get your career moving. There are far better ways to advance yourself in the workplace and sucking up to your boss isn’t one of them. Also, this path will not win you any awards from your colleagues as they can ostracise you from the rest of the team because of your tactics.

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