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If a course sells out, will there be another?

Perhaps. However, we cannot guarantee availability on any of our courses. If you don’t purchase now, you may have to pay a higher price later.

What is a ‘Pass Warranty’?

A Pass Warranty usually enables you to re-sit your exams. Please ensure that not all course providers provide this option.

Why are your prices so low?

Simple- we want to make it cheaper and easier for you to learn something new.

Do your low prices affect the quality of the training?

Absolutely not! You get the same quality of training as everyone else.

Why are there so many different prices for courses of the same name?

We work we several partners who promote their last minute space and special offers through This means that they are able to set their own prices for courses and special offers.

What do the icons mean?

There are different icons with course listings and these icons tell you useful information about the course and/or the venue. Hover your cursor over each icon and it should tell you what it means.

Why don’t you provide courses in my area?

We are a new company and currently exploring new territories. Please let us know what area you are in and we will do our best to get you great courses.

Do you do online courses?

No. Our aim is to get you qualified as quickly as possible and we believe online courses give you too many excuses to do absolutely nothing! However, some course providers may require you to take an online introductory course before coming to class.

Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Some course providers require that you pay a deposit in order to secure your place in the course. Please note that in some cases, a deposit is non-refundable. Please call your course provider regarding this as some may have their own refund policy.

How do I know you are a real company?

Registered Company No. 08345756


VAT: 182 4169 03

You can also check out our great team here

If you’re still in doubt, give us a call: 0203 290 3693. We’ll love to speak to you too!

If I no longer want to take a course but I have already paid for it, will I get a refund?

It’s unlikely due to the low price of the course, however this may depend on how far in advance you booked the course and how much cancellation notice you have given. In some cases, you may be entitled to a partial refund. This is at the discretion of the course provider and you will have to speak to them regarding this. Complete refunds are only given during extenuating circumstances

Course Providers

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I want to list a course but I have never taught before. Can I do this?

We prefer to work with established course providers and disqualify providers who overstate their circumstances.

What kind of discount should I offer?

You MUST offer the lowest price with Coursevine. This is because we ONLY advertise discounted courses. We suggest a minimum discount of 20%. Ideally, we prefer to work with people offering more than 40% off the original cost of their courses.

Why should we list with you and not someone else?

We are NOT a listing service like so many others out there. We offer a free marketing service and take a commission only when we successfully sell your course.

How many places can I advertise with you?

You can put as many as you like but we recommend that you do not advertise more than 50% of your available space.

Can I advertise different prices for the same course?


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