Java Programming 5-Day Beginners Course Full Time

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17/08/2015 - 11:00 am


21/08/2015 - 6:00 pm


PCWorkshops, 8 Connections, London, WC2N 5BY   View map

  • Under 15 minutes walk to/from Train Station/ Underground/ Bus Stop to the Venue
  • Stationary/ Books Supplied
  • Free Wifi
  • Personal tutor available
  • Certificate Awarded
  • Small class- Under 15 students/ delegates in class

This course is designed for beginners who wish to become a software developer by using Java, which is one of the most popular programming languages for web, desktop and mobile application development.

Overview of Java

The three Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles; First Java program; Closer look at the first program; Lexical Issues and Java keywords

Data Types, Variables, and Arrays

Primitive types; Characters; Boolean; Working with variables and its scope; Type conversion and casting; Introduction to String class; Working with array

Operators and Expressions

Introduction of operators; Arithmetic operators; Relational operators; Assignment operator; Logical operators; Increment and decrement operators; More in operators

Decision Making

If statement; If – else statement; If- else if – else statement; Nested if – else; Switch Statements

Using Loops

Introduction of looping; The while loop; The do-while loop; The for loop; The enhanced for loop; Jump statements : break, continue; The return statement; Nesting loops; Using the for-each loop with Arrays

Introduction to Classes and Objects

Introduction of Object and Classes; Creating a Class; Creating an Object; Using an Object; Adding Instance variables; Controlling accessibility; Naming conventions for class members

Using Methods

Introduction of methods; Creating a Method in class; Calling a Method; Returning value from a Method; Adding a Method that takes parameters; Class Constructors; Parameterized Constructors; The this keyword; The static keyword

More in Methods and Classes

Overloading methods; Overloading Constructors; Using objects as parameters; Returning objects; Recursion; Access control : private, public and protected; The final keyword; Nested and inner classes; A stack class

I/O Fundamentals

Write a program that uses command-line arguments and system properties; I/O using Java, Using I/O Streams , Chaining I/O Streams , Channel I/O , Reading and writing objects using Serialization

Exception Handling

Fundamentals of exception handling; Exception types; Using try and catch; Multiple catch clauses; Nested try statements; Concept of throw and throws; The finally blocks

Who would find this course useful
This course is designed for beginners who wish to become a software developer by using Java, which is one of the most popular programming languages for web, desktop and mobile application development.

Why do a Java course
As professional Java Developer, you have excellent career opportunities! The average salary for Java Developers is £56000, and Java Developer jobs makes up an astounding 56% of all IT related jobs in London. (read more on the website itjobswatch ). Not only that, the skill shortage is vast and companies cannot find qualified programmers. This is a great opportunity for you!

What is Included
Classroom lessons in small groups on 5 consecutive Saturdays, PLUS: Further assistance between lessons: 1-1 mentoring, Online training sessions via Skype, Online Videos, Practical Class Exercises, Homework/ Revision (optional), Course Notes

5 Days: 5 Saturdays or Monday-Friday

Who can attend
This course is open to anyone over the age of 16.

Entry requirements
Basic computer and internet literacy. No previous programming knowledge is required.

What to bring along
You can bring your own laptop. We also have lab computers available.

Software required
You will download and install the software to your laptop on the first day of the course during normal class time.

Where is the course
Conveniently 2-minutes’ walk from Charing Cross and Embankment tube stations at Nr. 8 Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5BY

Contact the course provider


0203 290 3693