provides a lifeline whilst online learning continues to fail provides a lifeline whilst online learning continues to fail

Online learning enjoys being seen as the first choice for those who want to learn but do not have the time or funds to attend physical classes. With just a few clicks of the mouse, people can enroll in a class via websites such as Coursera and Udemy within minutes and complete a course of their choice at their own pace. However, the dark side of online learning remains- sign ups are slowing, course completion rates are lower than ever* and we eagerly await to discover what the education technology sector will devise next as a solution to this problem. appears to offer such a solution. The start-up, which provides a platform for course providers to list their unsold seats, offers working professionals and students relevant classroom based courses that they can sign up to quickly and usually complete within a short space of time. Due to their last minute availability, these courses tend to be heavily discounted, meaning that one could snap up an iOS Development course for £100 instead of the usual price of just under £1k. These huge savings will of course also be attractive to people who have been considering changing careers and want to dip their toe in the water before making any kind of financial commitment.

And then there are the additional benefits that will always make classroom courses a preferred option. Networking opportunities, class culture and a sense of collective learning are just a few of the benefits that online learning fails to deliver. Not to mention that the majority of online courses do not include exams or certification. These are an additional cost that the buyer at times forgets to take into consideration. With no essential test to take at the end of these courses, completion rates can be extremely low.

Coursevine offers a wide selection of courses to choose from. In a majority of cases, you will walk away with a new qualification or certificate at the end of the course. Interested users may search for the courses they want to take either by searching by course or searching by location or signing up to the newsletter for updates on new courses.

*Survey conducted by Babson Survey Research Group


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