Coursevine offers a lifeline to over subscribed, expensive nursing courses

Coursevine offers a lifeline to over subscribed, expensive nursing courses

Nursing is currently at the top of the political agenda with party manifestos promising to increase the number of trained nurses and improving the way candidates apply for nursing roles. Unsurprising when we consider the fact that the demand for nursing courses has risen sharply over the last 8 years. According to UCAS, 2007 saw 58,000 applications made for nursing courses, a figure that rose dramatically to 238,000 in 2014, quickly becoming the most popular course. With only 1 in 10 of these applications being accepted, it’s no wonder nursing courses are at the top of the political agenda.

Coursevine, an education technology startup founded by Lily Odogwu provides a marketplace for people to purchase last minute courses at a discounted price. With a wide range of courses varying from App Development, executive level courses and Electrical Engineering, Coursevine also features last minute space for nursing courses. Lily notes that it is important that people have access to quality education and price shouldn’t be a barrier. Unfortunately, it is. “Access to knowledge is a right, not a luxury and it’s this thinking that encouraged me to set up Coursevine”, Lily states, a claim that bares similarities to Labour leader Ed Miliband’s recent statement that “education is not a luxury but a necessity.”

In their latest report which provides a summary of demand factors, UCAS maintains that there has been a 5% universal drop in demand for university places due to the hike in tuition fees from £3K to £9K per year in 2012. Lily argues that the drop in demand and hike in fees could mean that students are increasingly seeking other alternatives to degree courses. University courses have often been criticized for not providing students with the real life skills they’ll need to enter the job market and training courses such as those listed on are now a more attractive, low cost option.

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